Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do we order a crib set?

A. You can order the set you want right here in our website. Just add the set into your "shopping cart" and proceed to pay for it.


Q. Once I purchase a crib bedding set, how do I let you know how we want it made?

A. There are 2 ways to give us the can email us directly at [email protected]  or at [email protected] with all the specifics OR if you pay thru Paypal, there is a box named "message to seller" where you can write in all the details..


Q. How long does it take to make a crib set?

A. Since all of our sets are made to order for each customer, we do always ask for at least 8 weeks to complete each order.

Q. How can I pay for the set?

A. You can pay via Paypal, Google Checkout or can mail us a check or money order. It is not necessary to have a Paypal account to use Paypal and you can use any credit or debit card.

Q. How can I use a credit card to pay?

A. Right now, we are only set up to accept credit or debit cards thru Paypal. It isn't necessary for you to have a Paypal account to use Paypal and you can use any credit or debit card. Paypal is also free for you to use. 

Q. What if I don't want crib bumpers in my set?

A. No problem! We do offer a smaller bedding package that does not include the bumpers and the diaper stacker. The set comes with a blanket, crib sheet, crib skirt, crib pillow and letter pillow.

Q. How much does the smaller package cost?

A. The cost of the smaller set is $75 less than the price of the full crib bedding set it is based on. For example, if the full crib set you want is priced at $300, the smaller package would be $225..the bumpers and diaper stacker are not included...

Q. How can I order a smaller package?

A. We are in the process of adding new listings for these smaller packages to the website.. In the meantime, just email us and let us know what you are looking for and we can email you an invoice directly...

Q. Can I purchase additional items to coordinate with my crib set?

A. Oh yes! ANY item in ANY category you see in the website can be made to coordinate with ANY set we make. In each category, you will see a generic listing that says "4 customers to match crib sets." Even if there isn't an item showing in YOUR crib set fabric, it doesn't matter. All additional items you purchase using these generic listings will be made to coordinate with your set.

Q. Do you combine shipping?

A. Yes...once a crib set is purchased, all additional items do ship for free. The generic listings do NOT have a shipping charge attached to them so no additional shipping charge will be added.

Q. What if I don't need the diaper stacker in my full crib bedding set?

A. For our customers who can't use a diaper stacker, we usually sub a changing table cover or window valance in its place. Our valances are all 43 inches wide by 16 inches long. If you need more than one valance, each one is $15.

Q. The photos of the set I want shows a bumper headboard but we want our bumpers all one height. Is that possible??

A. Because of the new "3 in 1 convertible cribs", we are not making bumper headboards for our newer sets. However, if the photos of the crib bedding set you want does show a headboard, you can have the bumpers all one height.

For us, it is just a wash..we either make a headboard or another section of bumper in its place so it doesn't matter to us BUT we do want all of our customers to be 100% happy with the look of their set. Having a headboard with a "3 in 1 convertible crib" does throw off the look of the crib and bedding set...

Q. Do you make bedding for the smaller cribs called "mini" or "porta-a-cribs"?

A. Oh yes....all of our sets are made to order for each customer so we can make a set to fit any shape crib you might have!!! All of the crib sets we make can be made to fit a mini crib...

We charge $35 less than the price of the standard size set it is based on, so, for example, if you want one of our $325 sets made for a mini crib, the price of the set would be $295. The sets all come with the same items as the standard size set. If you would like to order a mini crib set, please email me...

Q. Do you make bedding sets for a Round shape crib?

A. Oh yes.. we can make a set to fit any size crib, including round cribs...

All of the crib sets we make can be made to fit a round crib..the sets would come with the same items and the price of the set is the same as the standard size crib it is based on...

To purchase a crib set for a round crib, you can use the listing we have for the standard crib set and when you email me with the details on how you want the items in the set made, just let me know you need the bedding for a round crib...

Q. Do you make Toddler Bedding Sets?

A. We are now making Toddler bedding sets that come with the blanket, crib sheet, crib skirt, toddler pillow and letter pillow. This is the smaller bedding package we talk about further up in these questions...

If you want one of our full crib bedding sets made into a toddler package, just take off $75 from the price of the full set and that will give you the price of the toddler set you want. Email me for more details.

Q. Do you offer a payment plan?

A. Oh yes...we realize it can be difficult to come up with hundreds of dollars all at once so we do offer our own payment plan. Email me directly for more details on how it works.

For all other questions, email me directly at [email protected].