MICHAEL JORDAN Black and White Crib Bedding Set

MICHAEL JORDAN Black and White Crib Bedding Set
MICHAEL JORDAN Black and White Crib Bedding Set MICHAEL JORDAN Black and White Crib Bedding Set
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Custom new MICHAEL JORDAN Jumpman Crib Bedding Set 7 pieces in Black and White


Custom Michael Jordan Crib Bedding Set 

Our beautiful Michael Jordan full crib bedding set is in a beautiful black and white fabric combination. Our Jordan sets are an original design of Kustom Kids Bedding!  

Our sets all come with 7 pieces..here is what is included:

Our Jordan blanket has a Jordan Jumpman image on the front, double soft batting in the middle and solid fabric on the back. 

Our bumpers have solid black fabric on one side and solid white fabric on the other side. 

Our crib sheet is solid black. 

Our full crib skirt can be made gathered style or straight with a Jordan Jumpman image in the middle. 

Our diaper stacker top - also with the Jumpman image - can be made in a rectangle shape with ties or a rounded shape with a hanger. 

Our letter pillow will be made in the first initial of baby's name.

Also, all of our sets are custom made to order for each customer so we can make a Jordan set (or any of the sets we make) in ANY combination of fabrics a customer wants....Just let us know what you are looking for!

We do offer a package that includes the full crib set, diaper bag and mobile accessory package for $375. 

Additional Items Can Be Purchased

Kustom Kids Bedding makes everything from diaper bags to changing table covers, window treatments, burp cloths and more to coordinate with YOUR crib bedding set...

In our website, you will see a list of categories for the additional items we make. In each category, there is a generic listing that  says "4 customers to match crib sets." All you need to do is use those generic listings to purchase the items you want to coordinate with your crib set.


How To Order:

Once you purchase the set, email and give us the details on how you want the items in the crib set made and the letter for the letter pillow. We'll need to know:

1. Do you want a ruffle or no trim around the blanket?

2. Do you want the crib skirt made gathered style or straight?

3. Do you want the diaper stacker top made in a rectangle shape with ties or a rounded shape with a hanger?

4. What letter do you want for the letter pillow, which should be the first initial of baby's name?


Since all of our items are made to order for each customer, we do ask for 6 to 8 weeks to complete each order. We do work with each customer if they need a set by a certain date so please email to let us know.

We also offer our own payment plan...email us directly for more details. 

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When you are ready to checkout, you will be given the option of paying with a credit card thru Paypal.

We can only accept credit cards thru Paypal. It is NOT necessary to have a Paypal account to use Paypal. You can use any credit or debit card. Paypal is also free for you to use.
When the items are shipped, you will get an email with the package tracking info so you will know the day the set ships as well as the day it will be delivered.

Email us with any questions.

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