Bathroom Practice Cat

Bathroom Practice Cat

My cat Kiku is the star of Bathroom Practice Cat Weblog. Why? You guessed it! He is rest room educated! Yep, he makes use of that very same white, porcelain, rest room fixture that you just and I exploit. You may discover no kitty litter (or ought to I say maybe, “you may scent no kitty litter”) in my condominium.

So in the event you’re like most individuals, you wish to understand how my cat discovered to make use of the bathroom. Effectively, I educated him to. That is how! Okay, for all of you who’re pondering of bathroom coaching cat, I am going to spell it out on this article, step-by-step.

I am going to start originally. To begin with cat blog, after I adopted Kiku, he was however a younger pup, er… kitten. He was 6 weeks old, to be precise. All the things I had learn mentioned that 6 weeks old was too younger to start rest room coaching a cat. Nonetheless, I made positive to place the kitty litter field proper subsequent to the bathroom.

Kiku discovered to make use of the litter field with completely no drawback. I had learn that the very first thing to do was elevate the litter field by about an inch or two each week, utilizing newspapers or magazines. Kiku took to the litter field so effectively and appeared so unshakable and daring in so some ways, that I made a decision to begin elevating the litter field, regardless of his younger age. However I made positive to progress with the coaching rather more slowly and steadily than was advisable for extra mature cats.

So up it went! I began amassing newspapers, bundling them, and taping the litter field on prime of the bundle – about an inch or so each couple weeks. When the litter field had been on the identical stage as the bathroom seat for a pair weeks, I eliminated it from the newspaper stack and secured it on the bathroom seat with duct tape.

As soon as Kiku had a pair weeks to get used to that, I dumped the litter right into a colander and set that inside the bathroom bowl. (Ewww!) Oh effectively… Throughout this time, the trick is to not replenish the litter as you usually would, however somewhat to permit the litter to steadily lower. Lastly, your cat is peeing into the empty colander. This will likely take wherever from one week to a few weeks.

It is necessary to level out that in this course of, there have been instances that Kiku reverted to his old methods – or tried, anyway. He rebelled/freaked out and tried relieving himself within the litter field – the litter field which was not on the ground, subsequent to the bathroom. So there was a large number subsequent to the bathroom some mornings. There was even a interval the place Kiku gave the impression to be revolting, by peeing on the sofa! When this stuff occurred, I backed up the coaching. Should you simply return one step, and keep there for every week or two, your kitty ought to come round…

The ultimate step? As soon as your cat has been peeing into the empty colander for every week or two, …take the colander away. Voila! your cat is now a bathroom educated cat!

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